Fabric Shopping

Hiya! Koori here.

So the current cosplays buunbuun and I are working on are Syaoran and Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura. We went fabric shopping today and bought all of this!

All of this will somehow become our final outfits. Wish us luck! ^^;

Trial Run

Hi guys! Koori here.

So, for our RG Veda cosplay, I'm cosplaying Souma. I'm gonna make a corset for Souma's under-top to get a more feminine shape (cuz I've got none ^^;), but I didn't want to jump into a top that I've never sewn before. So, to get some experience, I'm doing a trial run!

This is what I've got so far. I'll be using a slightly different pattern for Souma, but this, I think, will help me get a clear idea of what I'm gonna have to make. Ganbarimasu!

In-Progress Shot

Hello, Buunbuun here.

Koorinotsuki and I decided to cosplay from RG Veda as Kendappa-ou and Souma, so I opted to cosplay as Kendappa-ou. I decided to work on her harp first and will be doing a variant from many artbook/manga shots. The thing on the left is the curved sword, next to it is the top part of the harp, next to that is her head piece, and below is Sakura Kinomoto's star wand. I still have a way to go... Gambarimasu!